Newsletter, January 2018

The Pipe Experience

The Pipe Experience has been going on since January 4th and ends on the 20th! On the North Shore of Oahu, the Weedmaps house ” a relaxed and holistic environment for our athletes who benefit from both the medicinal and recreational attributes of cannabis.” has been the stoner’s paradise for many Pro Surfers, Skaters, BMX, and MMA Fighters. Follow @wmsurfing @wmsk8 @weedmapsmoto to check out their Pipe Experience. Click HERE to watch the Official Weedmaps Pipe House Experience commercial.

Chocolate Bite Pouches

Heighten your medicinal experience with new Flav Snack Pouches. Each pack containing 100mg per pouch with a variety chocolates and other snacks to choose from! Go to Weedmaps App to find out more about these snacks and where to find them in shops!

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Flav’s MMA Team

The Flav team of MMA athletes has been growing! We are proud to have recently added to our roster Yancy Medeiros, Jordan Young, Tyrell Fortune, and Johnny Eblen. In addition we still have Joe Schilling, Daniel Straus, and King Mo on the team as well. Follow our athletes on Instagram:

Joe Schilling @joe_schilling
Yancy Medeiros @yancymedeiros
Daniel Straus @danielstraus
Jordan Young  @jay185
Tyrell Fortune @fortune_over.fame
King Mo @kingmofh
Johnny Eblen @johnnyeblen

Recent shots of King Mo training hard with the support of Flav products. Be sure to Follow King Mo’s Fights and Flav Experience on his Instagram.

Daniel Straus Recovery

Recently Flav Athlete Daniel Straus was in a motorcycle accident. The good news is that he is well on his way to making a recovery, already back at it for physical therapy. Stay up to date on his progess and when he’ll return to the Bellator cage on his Instagram @danielstraus Click the image to read the full article from MMAjunkie.

Errol Spence Jr. vs Lamont Peterson

Catch the Welterweight Showdown Tomorrow as our new sponsored fighter Errol Spence Jr. takes on Lamont Peterson.  Watch it on Showtime 9pm ET/6pm PT! Follow Errol Spence Jr. on Instagram @errolspencejr

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