Newsletter, March 2018

Exciting News

We’ve dropped some exciting news recently on High Times! Our rebranding to Flav from FlavRx, new States our products are in, and more! Read the full article HERE!

Weedmaps Pipehouse Experience

If you missed out on the Weedmaps Pipehouse Experience back in January, no worries! You can catch up on what the Weedmaps skate team was up to in this first episode. Watch the video HERE!

New Flav Cake Batter

Introducing our new cake batter loaded with delicious pineapple preserves terpenes that carries a fruit aroma. It holds a potent concentration of 80-90% THC and dabs perfectly on a nail. Do yourself a flavor and watch our full video!

Watch Video

New Sour Gummies

We’re starting to roll out new sour gummy candy flavors Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Watermelon! These new flavors will be available in THC and CBD options as gummy rings.

Black Label Retractable Cartridges

We’re rolling out new retractable cartridges available in a variety of Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids. Each pack contains two 250mg cartridges that are made specifically for our new retractable batteries. You can find all strains on the Weedmaps App! Click the Below Image.

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