Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC, is a 60/40 Indica-dominant OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross. It has a fruity candy-like flavor and a high that feels like it will last all day. Girl Scout Cookies gives you both a euphoric head high and a strong body buzz at the same time. Full body and mind relaxation makes Girl Scout Cookies a great end-of-the-day strain, and a great choice for insomnia. You don’t need to do much to get relaxed, a little bit goes a long way with GSG.Patients needing powerful relief of severe pain, nausea, and appetite loss often find GSG to be a go-to strain. GSG’s mood-lifting high can help relieve stress, anxiety, depression and can help with PTSD.

Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum is a 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid.with a sweet, taste that has been described by users bubblegum to slightly flowery. It gives a strong head high and body high that can leave you happy to be couch-locked! You’ll get a mood lifting lifting euphoric high, that can even get help the creative juices flowing Bubble Gum is recommended for nighttime use, it gives you a strong body buzz that’s great for pain relief and insomnia.Medically, Bubble Gum is used for eating disorders like anorexia, chronic nausea and vomiting. It’s also a good choice for pain relief. It is often used by by those facing ongoing stress, anxieties, and depression to get some “time out” from their problems.

White Widow

White Widow is a 60 – 40 sativa dominant hybrid that is legendary in the cannabis community. Expect an immediate burst of euphoria and energy when using White Widow, it’s a great wake and bake strain. White Widow has a complex flavoring that starts out light, sweet, and sugary but then rapidly takes on earthy, woody tones. FlavInc’s White Widow CO2 oil perfectly captures the essence of White Widow’s taste, and avoids much of the harshness that leads to coughing when White Widow flower is smoked.

Medical patients will appreciate how White Widow leaves you feeling happy, relaxed and euphoric, but not couch locked. It’s strong, head-centered high is perfect for managing anxiety, PTSD and migraines. At the same time, White Widow has a strong body high that is great for muscle relaxation, so it’s perfect for managing pain. White Widow also eases nausea and helps stimulate appetite. If you arelooking for a great, general purpose daytime medication, this is it.

Banana Kush

Banana Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with a creamy, banana taste. It packs a strong body buzz that’s well balanced by a mellow head buzz. Banana Kush’s powerful body buzz leads quickly to couch lock and ultimately to sleep. New users can expect to find it hard to stay awake an hour after taking just 2 – 3 hits. Because of it’s knockout high, Banana Kush is recommended as a nighttime strain.

Medical patients with insomnia will find Banana Kush to be a go-to strain for getting a good night’s rest. It’s potent high is also great for relieving depression when you’re ready to let it go, and get a good night’s rest. While Banana Kush is mentally relaxing, it doesn’t have a strong muscle relaxant effect, so this strain isn’t good for pain or nausea.

Tropical Trainwreck

Tropical Trainwreck is a potent hybrid with a fruity taste that comes on quickly and hits you like a freight train. It has a sativa dominant effect that will leave you feeling energized and euphoric. It has a complex, fruity taste that is accompanied by sweet lemon and piney undertones. Tropical Trainwreck is a great daytime strain, it’s perfect for wake and bake. It’s high THC to CBD content means there’s little to no chance of Tropical Trainwreck leaving you couch locked.Users who like to get high to unleash their creative juices will love Tropical Trainwreck.

Medical patients will find Tropical Trainwreck to be a great daytime medicine for managing migraines, pain, ADD/ADHD and PTSD. Because Tropical Trainwreck has less of a body high,it’s not recommended for nausea, insomnia, or muscle relaxation. Experienced patients recommend Tropical Trainwreck for relief from anxiety and depression. Patients new to Tropical Trainwreck should start slow until they get used to this potent medicine.

Super Lemon Haze

Super Lemon Haze is an 80/20 sativa-dominant hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. The taste is exactly what you’d expect:Lemony sweet and tart like lemonheads candy. Super Lemon Haze is a daytime strain, it gives you an energetic, social high, which is great for parties. Super Lemon Haze is also the perfect strain for a wake and bake. One thing to keep in mind however, this may not the best strain for those who are naturally uptight.

Super Lemon haze is a great daytime medication for dealing with fatigue and burnout. It’s mood elevating high is good for chronic depression and may help overcome migraines. Super Lemon Haze is also used for minor pain, nausea, and appetite loss.


Trainwreck is a 90/10 Sativa dominant hybrid that as you might expect hits you like a freight train. It’s a cross between Mexican and Thai sativas plus Afghani indicas with a piney, spicy taste and a mind blowing high. Trainwreck is a good nighttime strain: Its cerebral high comes with a nice pain numbing body buzz. Do more than a couple of hits at once however, and it also comes with couch-lock!

Medicinal uses include relief of cramps, pain, and joint stiffness.. It’s recommended for anorexia and other eating disorders as it increases your appetite and relieves nausea. Thanks to it’s intense head high,Trainwreck is highly recommended for PTSD, ADHD, depression and stress relief. Trainwreck is unique among the sativa hybrids for giving an indica-like body buzz and couch-lock along with an intense indica cerebral high.

Blue Dream

The somewhat ironically named Blue Dream is a 50/50 hybrid that gives you an energetic, creative buzz which gets you going, rather than sending you to dreamland. As you’d expect, it has a sweet, blueberry flavor. Blue Dream is perfectly balanced. you get a euphoric high along with a strong body buzz. It’s a daytime strain, perfect for wake and bake and great for daytime pain relief. Blueberry Dream is a cross between Blueberry (indica) and Haze (sativa). It’s a good first choice for novice CO2 cannabis oil users thanks to the way it gently envelops you with a calm euphoria.Blue Dream provides fast relief of symptoms without couch-lock, which makes it a popular daytime medicine. Blue Dream causes the munchies, so it’s good for anorexia, nausea and other eating disorders. Thanks to it’s gentle euphoric high, it’s a great daytime medicine for patients dealing with pain, depression, stress and anxiety.


Headband is a 55/45 indica-dominant hybrid of OG Kush and Sour Diesel that’s called Headband because many users say it feels like they’re wearing a headband. That feeling comes with a mental fog; Headband will leave you feeling spaced out, so it’s not recommended when mental focus is required. It’s taste is piney, with lemon and diesel flavors as well. It’s long-lasting effects are great for pain relief, and it helps you relax and relieves stress.. Pace yourself when vaping Headband, it comes on slow but strong.

Medical patients can use headband to ease aches and pains, but may not be enough for severe pain. Headband is good for eating disorders, it stimulates your appetite and relieves nausea. Some patients have used it for muscle spasms, migraines, depression and bipolar disorder.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D by it’s many fans, is a 90/10 sativa dominant hybrid named after its diesel-like aroma. Sour Diesel’s spicy vapors hit you fast with an energetic, dreamy cerebral high that made Sour Diesel a legend among sativas. Users new to vaping cannabis oil are recommended to start slow with Sour Diesel. It’s a top choice of medical patients for long lasting relief from stress, pain, and depression.

Sour Diesel is excellent for relief of depression and anxiety when used in small doses. Larger doses can be overwhelming and cause anxiety instead of relieving it. Sour D’s energetic high is is also used for treating chronic fatigue. There’s no body high from Sour Diesel, and virtually no pain relief.

Mango Haze

Mango Haze is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid cross between Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze. It has a fruity mango taste with dank, skunky accents. Mango Haze has an all around kind of high that creeps up on you. It’s euphoric and uplifting, but sit down and you may find yourself couch locked. At the same time you get a nice energetic body high which makes Mango Haze a great strain for pain management.

Patents needing stress relief and muscle relaxation will find Mango Haze to be a go to strain. For daytime use, small doses are best for avoiding couch lock. Mango Haze is also good for treating nausea, and stimulating appetite.

Jack Herrer

Jack Herrer is a 55/45 sativa dominant hybrid named after author and marijuana activist Jack Herrer. It gives an uplifting, energetic happy high along with a strong body buzz that makes it a great daytime strain for pain management. FlavInc Jack Herrer has chilling effect on the throat, making it the best choice for asthma and other lung disease. It has a piney taste with earthy, woody, accents, and it’s a terrific wake-n-bake strain for getting the creative juices flowing. The legal marijuana community lost a champion when Jack died in 2010 after battling heart disease, he is sorely missed by many.

Jack Herrer is a great daytime medicine for managing stress and depression, and it gives moderate pain relief. It’s uplifting high makes it a great choice for treating mood disorders. It’s strong body buzz is great for relief of nausea, cramps, and anxiety.


Skywalker is a 50/50 hybrid with a fruity taste and a mellow high. Skywalker’s mild body buzz combines pain relief and relaxation making it easy to get to sleep. It’s a cross between a Mazar and a Blueberry, both are indicas, which makes the high mellow Skywalker is a nighttime strain, best for use after the day’s work is done. It’s among the best medications for anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

Skywalker is good for inducing appetite and relieving nausea, it’s not recommended for intense pain but may help with mild aches and pains. This strain is a go-to strain anytime you’re feeling stressed and can’t get to sleep. It’s mellow high makes it useful for treating anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a hybrid that can be either sativa or indica dominant, depending on how it’s bred. FlavInc’s OG Kush is indica dominant, it has a spicy pine-like taste and gives you a happy, euphoric head high. That happiness comes with strong body high that can leave you couch-locked in high doses. OG Kush is often used as a nighttime medication due to it’s dreamy high. OG Kush’s origins aren’t known, but it’s widely believed to descend from Chem Dawg.

Medical users of Kush find it very helpful for migraines, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, and other stress related disorders. Sufferers of Alzheimer’s consider OG Kush to be the strain of choice. It’s euphoric high is recommended for anger managment, extreme stress and anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders. It’s appetite stimulating ability makes OG Kush excellent for treating anorexia, nausea, and other eating disorders.

True OG

True OG is an indica strain that has a spicy flavor and a euphoric high. True OG combines a mellow body high with a focused head high that lets you get things done. But taken in large doses, True OG can leave you couch-locked. First time users of cannabis oil should start slow as True OG gives you a strong head high. It’s background is unclear, but it contains genetics from Hindu Kush.

Medical uses include relief from muscle pain and stress. True OG is good for your appetite, making it a great choice for anorexia, nausea and other eating disorders. It helps a little with sleep.

Golden Apple Kush

Golden Apple Kush is a balanced indica sativa hybrid with a distinct apple taste. It has a strong body high along with a cerebral high that creeps up on you. Pace yourself when medicating or you’ll likely wind up couch locked! Golden Apple Kush is a great end of the day strain and recommended for insomnia

Patients will find Golden Apple Kush is great for pain, anxiety, and insomnia. It stimulates the appetite and reduces nausea, so it’s great for eating disorders. Other recommended medical uses include relief of cramps and joint stiffness.

Grapefruit Kush

Grapefruit Kush is a strongly-indica dominant hybrid cross between BC Kush and Grapefruit. It has a fruity, sweet kind of taste and a potent body high which makes it highly recommended for a number of medical uses. Because it is indica dominant, Grapefruit Kush relaxes you, it’s a great end of the day strain, and perfect before bed, it causes a deep sleep.

Grapefruit Kush is excellent for anxiety and other nervous disorders. It’s great for tuning out from stress and depression. Patients with eating disorders can get moderate relief from nausea along with appetite stimulation. Grapefruit Kush is excellent for pain management when you need to sleep.

Grape Ape

Grape Ape is an indica-dominant cross hybrid with a dank, grape taste. It produces a strong, euphoric high along with a relaxing body high that can easily lead to couch lock. Grape Ape is a great end of the day strain that manages to be relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Couch lock isn’t guaranteed, in small doses it can work well as a daytime medication.

Medical users will find Grape Ape’s powerful body numbing effect great for relief of chronic aches and pain. It’s uplifting cerebral high makes it a good choice for depression, anxiety, and stress related disorders. Some patients report using it to treat bipolar disorder. Other uses include relief of nausea, appetite stimulation, and treatment of migraines.

Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid with a smooth, blueberry taste and a long lasting high. It gives you a full body high along with a euphoric,uplifting head buzz. Blueberry Kush is a nighttime strain, and its considered to be one of the strongest medicinal strains for treatment of pain and insomnia. .

Blueberry Kush has a powerful sedative effect along with strong pain relief, making it the ideal before bed strain. It’s helpful for anorexia, relieving nausea, and stimulating appetite. Blueberry Kush can also help relieve anxiety and depression, taken right before bed, it helps you sleep deeply, and get a good night’s rest

Vanilla Kush

Vanilla Kush is an 80 – 20 indica dominant strain that has been tested at more than 20% THC. New users, you’ve been warned Vanilla Kush is a knockout, This strain produces an intense head and an even more intense body high. It has a sweet, vanilla taste with a hint of spiciness. Vanilla Kush is recommended at first for afternoon and evening use, couch lock comes easy with this strain, Some experienced users learn to manage the couch lock and value this stain for it’s mind opening buzz that comes with strong pain relief.

Medical users new to this strain will find Vanilla Kush is very effective for insomnia, it can easilyput you to sleep, Pain management is the most recommended medical use for Vanilla Kush, it has a strong body high that persists for about two hours. Patients report being able to get into a separate headspace from their pain. Vanilla’ Kush’s strong body high makes it ideal for nausea, anorexia, and other eating disorders.


Creamsicle is a 70 – 20 Indica dominant strain that tastes exactly like a Creamsicle popsicle. It’s smooth, creamy flavor comes from crossing Orange Kush with Juicy Fruit, it has a long lasting flavor that stays with you long after you’ve taken a toke. The combination of it’s smooth creamy flavor and it’s relaxing euphoric high makes Creamsicle the ideal after dinner toke. Couchlock isn’t a problem with Creamsicle, so you can use it throughout the day.

Medical users will find that Creamsicle’s relaxed, euphoric high makes it a go-to strain for treating anxiety, depression, and mood swings. It’s calming body high is great for treating nausea and appetite disorders. We don’t recommend it for pain management, because it doesn’t numb the muscles much. Creamsicle has a long, 2 – 4 hour high depending on the individual patient’s tolerance.

Raspberry Kush

Raspberry Kush is a 80 – 20 indica dominant hybrid with a smooth creamy raspberry taste that packs a potent high. Raspberry Kush kicks in quickly and leaves you feeling energetic, creative, but also relaxed. It’s a great strain to chill with after a long hard day. Raspberry Kush’s high kicks in immediately, starting in the head and spreading rapidly throughout the body. That energetic high can quickly become couchlock if you do too much, so we recommend new users use Raspberry Kush as an evening strain until they gain experience with it.

Raspberry Kush delivers a strong body high that makes it ideal for pain management and insomnia. Even Regular, heavy users report getting a solid night’s sleep after using Raspberry Kush as their bedtime strain. It has a euphoric but relaxed head high which makes it a good strain for treating anxiety, mood swings and depression. This strain is well regarded by medical patients for relieving many problems that come with chronic fatigue.


Tangie is a 60/40 sativa dominant cross of California Orange and a Skunk hybrid. It has an intense tangerine taste and an energetic, euphoric high. Tangie is a unique medicine that effectively relieves pain while giving you an energy boost. Tangie is a good daytime strain and useful for treatment of migraines, stress, depression or lack of appetite.

Tangie’s uplifting euphoric high makes it a great choice for treating depression and fatigue. It’s also good for dealing with anorexia, nausea and other eating related disorders.

Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is an 80/20 indica hybrid with a hashy flavor mixed with berries. It’s a mix of Afghani and Blackberry indicas that give a dreamy, euphoric high. Blackberry Kush gives a strong, couch-lock body high that makes it great for nighttime use. It’s highly recommended for the treatment of pain thanks to its strong indica body effects. The origins of Blackberry Kush aren’t known but it’s believed to be a cross between an Afghani indica, and a blackberry strain.

Thanks to its strong indica influence, Blackberry Kush is an excellent choice for medicinal patients struggling with disorders that cause insomnia, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.