Flavinc Blog Smoking Vs. Vaporizing Cannabis

Title – Do you know the Benefits of Vaporizers compared to smoking?

Meet the new marijuana vaporizer in town. Unlike the experience you get from cannabis consumption, the vaporizer is different.

If you have consumed Marijuana before by smoking it, and you now intend to try the Vaporizers, you will find that there is a vast difference in smoking quality. When you smoke marijuana, the toxins and harmful elements existing in the marijuana flower are not filtered. These toxins annoy, and harm the respiratory system when absorbed into the system while smoking. With Vaporizers, the story is different. The vaporizers negate, and filter harmful toxic elements from the Marijuana flowers, protecting the respiratory system and releasing the toxins and unwanted elements. These toxins are invisible to the naked eye, and as a result, normal smokers end up smoking the toxins initiating the damage to respiratory system.

Most of us are not aware of the immense difference in the quality of smoke that one receives when they vaporize versus igniting their Marijuana flower. If you smoke a joint, almost 88% of the combusted smoke gases contain non-cannabinoid matter which exposes your potential health risks as most of these do not get you high.

Comparatively when you use marijuana vaporizer, you almost inhale 95% cannabinoids, mostly known as known as the psychoactive ingredients that both calm the mind and soothe the body.

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