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From the legacy FlavRx days to recreational, we are still privately held and operated by cannabis leaders, advocates, and enthusiasts who remain committed to our mission of championing a higher standard that connects the cannabis community with best-in-class cannabis vapes, edibles, concentrates, and more.

As the first brand to popularize cannabis vapes in California, The Flav Family is constantly developing new ways to share the benefits of cannabis through ingestibles, like our award-winning belts and rings, and inhalables like our High-Terpene Extracts that are flavorful, safe, and enjoyable.

Established in 2014, Flav was created by cannabis innovators with over 40 years of combined experience who share a passion to create and distribute progressive cannabis and hemp products.


We believe in Flav First. As the first brand to bring vapes to the masses with all-natural strain-specific terpenes, we strive to be first in everything we do. We are cannabis pioneers; with our legacy allowing us to lead in product innovation, sales, branding, and customer satisfaction.



It’s all in the name. At Flav, we’re committed to bringing your favorite flavors to the forefront of your cannabis journey. Day or night, enjoy our mouth-watering edibles that will have you reaching for more or delight in your favorite cannabis strain to transport your mind or energize your body.

Legacy and Leadership

Flav is a brand like no other. As one of the first brands to bring vapes to the masses, our years of immersion in the cannabis industry and ability to recognize emerging trends allow Flav to proactively create new and innovative products to fulfill evolving customer needs.

Collaboration and Inclusivity

We love what we do and the people we do it with. By utilizing established networks of trusted partners and cultivating new relationships with like-minded industry experts, retailers, artists like Rebelution, and athletes like Nate Diaz who share our progressive view of cannabis, Flav’s products and ethos are a reflection of the communities we serve.



We offer over 1,600 unique products that cover a full spectrum of product categories including vapes, concentrates, and a wide range of edibles, including functional gummies with CBN & CBG.


We are the evolution of cannabis.

Evolve with us.