Live Resin and Premium Oil Disposables

The latest in vape technology brings you the fully rechargeable Flav Disposable. Available in 500mg and 1G of 100% pure, single source Live Resin and 1G of award-winning Premium Oil with up to 90% potency, this sleek and discreet pen features USB charging so you’ll never run out of battery again.

510 Premium Oils

Flav’s Ultra Refined Premium Oil Cartridges features quality and consistency along with industry leading potency. Up to 90% THC, these oils are for the cannabis connoisseur seeking a next level experience. With features such a wickless ceramic heating, pre-filled glass cartridge, and universal 510 threading, you’ll experience the utmost in flavor, purity, and potency at each and every use. These cartridges are finely tuned for the unique oil viscosities of each strain so you can taste and feel the difference of these exceptional oils.


Discover mouthwatering bliss with Flav cannabis-infused gummy belts. Available in 9 tart flavors, these sugarcoated belts provide a euphoric snacking experience. With only the finest ingredients, our delicious award-winning gummies provide controllable dosing with uncontrollable fun.


Taste one of our Rainbow Bites, deliciously sour gummy morsels which will satisfy all your cravings. Individually infused with 5 mg THC each, these gummies are perfect for easy and controlled dosing.


Enhance your day with Flav cannabis-infused gummy rings. Available in five sweet flavors, Flav gummy rings provide an excellent adult snacking experience. With only the finest ingredients, our fruit flavored THC gummy rings provide controlled dosing with a fresh, delicious taste.

Gummy and Hard Candy Drops

Introducing mouth-watering gummy and hard candy drops. The mildly sour cherry, apple flavored, and delicious peach gumdrops have 5 mg THC each and are perfect for slow dosing. The 10 mg THC hard candy drops are sugar coated, gluten-free, and a delicious way to enjoy your favorite flavors.

Sleepwell Gummiezzz

No more counting sheep! Relax with Flav’s new Sleep Well Gummies. Ten delicious blue raspberry sour gummy straws precisely dosed with 10mg THC and 4mg CBN per piece. The combination of the taste you’ve come to expect from Flav, and the addition of CBN, makes these cannabis infused treats a welcome addition to your nightstand drawer.


Deliciously chewy, Flav Taffy shines with its amazing long lasting fruit flavors and texture. Flav Taffy excited the taste buds with bursting flavor and 10mg THC per piece! Available in a variety of new flavors.

Caramel Balls

These cannabis infused edibles are perfect for the on-the-go enjoyment. Made from only the highest quality ingredients, these delicious chocolate and caramel treats with a hint of coffee will melt in your mouth. With 10mg per piece, these Caramel Balls are palate-pleasing way to enjoy easy, controllable dosing.


Scrumptious little sour jelly squares are sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. These vegan and gluten free jelly snacks come in four tasty flavors and are 10 mg of THC per piece. Pick up a pouch today and enjoy these delicious bites anywhere, anytime.