Flav’s 7 Steps for the Best Night of Sleep Ever

September 27, 2023

featuring Blue Raspberry Nighttime Sour Gummy Straws with CBN

Most adults don’t get enough sleep. Everything from mood, memory, and metabolism can be negatively affected by poor sleep quality–but frankly, we’re just not down to spend our days being grumpy, forgetful, and sluggish. So? We did something about it.

Start sleeping better and get your sweet dreams on with our Nighttime CBN gummy straws and our foolproof tips for building the most delicious sleep routine ever. Peep our tips below, and happy Sleeptember, friends.

  1. Vibe check
    First things first: the chill vibes must be immaculate. Creating a super relaxed and comfortable environment is key to a strong foundation for your sleep routine. Keep the lighting low and warm in tone, light a candle, and keep noises soft and low.
  2. Get Clean
    Going to sleep feeling sweaty or dirty isn’t ideal. Not only does a hot shower feel great and keep your sheets clean, but going from a hot shower to a cooler room will actually cause the body’s temp to drop, which makes us feel sleepy.
  3. Grab your Gummies
    You can enjoy our delectable Blue Raspberry sour straws at any point in the routine, but we love treating our tastebuds to something after we’ve established said immaculate vibes and gotten cleaned up.
  4. Stop Streaming
    Succession is over, every episode is available to stream, and they’ll still be there tomorrow; So turn the TV off, crawl out of that insta #lifehacks rabbit hole and shut it all down. Note that the blue light from your devices can throw off your internal clock, creating more sleep issues, and your eyes will really appreciate the screen break.
  5. Have a Warm Bev
    A nice cup of herbal tea is a great way to unwind at bedtime. Certain teas (think chamomile, lavender, peppermint) can help reduce stress and anxiety, making them a clutch tool to have in your arsenal. If tea isn’t your thing, try a glass of almond milk before you call it night– it’s loaded with Tryptophan, AKA the amino acid that helps your body make melatonin & serotonin.
  6. Get Cozy AF
    Don’t skimp on this step! Fluff your pillows, bust out the softest sheets you own, and grab your comfiest sleepwear of choice. Making yourself as comfortable as possible is key to achieving an elite night of sleep and will encourage your body to unwind and relax as much as possible.
  7. Catch some Zzzs
    You should be feeling pretty nice at this point. You’re clean, comfortable, the room is cozy, and the CBN and THC in your fave adult sour straws are making sweet music together to help you ease into the best night of sleep you’ve ever enjoyed. Sweet dreams, fam.



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